Haas Automation — Наиболее продаваемый бренд в Эстонии специализирующийся по механической обработке. Лучший ассортимент токарных и фрезерных центров по отличной цене. Haas Automation предлагает полную линейку продукции, произведенной в Калифорнии, США, для любых требований обработки. Высококачественные станки Haas сконструированы для простоты технического обслуживания, легкой настройки и эксплуатации при низких затратах. Первый свой станок фирма произвела 30 лет назад, и с тех пор произведено уже более 200 000 станков. За 2018 год Haas Automation произвела более 14 000 станков, план на 2019 год  — выпустить 16 000 станков.

Преимущества данного производителя:

·        Открытая ценовая политика для станков и запасных частей — смотри страницу.

·        Мощная Сервисно-техническая и информационная поддержка.

·        Лучшее соотношение цены/качества продукции.

·        Быстрая доставка и установка оборудования клиенту.

For over 85 years, Kitamura Machinery has created innovative machining centers that meet the strictest demands of manufacturers worldwide. By combining the best practices from decades of hands-on experience, extreme personal attention to detail and the latest technology advances, Kitamura Machinery has created a line of horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers that provide customers with improved productivity through easy adaptability, reductions in defects, and accurate, reliable long-term performance.
Family owned and operated, Kitamura has made customer service a priority since the very beginning – across the U.S., and around the world, you can count on the most knowledgeable machining-center service and support as our total commitment to quality, performance and value.Founded in 1933, Kitamura’s concentration in the machining center business as well as its unprecedented commitment to Research and Development has led to industrial growth with the procurement of over 200 patents and patents pending in machining center design.
The company motto “Limitless Creativity” lends itself to our commitment to consistent product development, allowing us to provide the most technologically advanced and reliable machining centers on the market today.

The IBARMIA ZV, ZVH, ZVH MULTIPROCESS machining centers with a movable column and a fixed table are dedicated for companies with high machining requirements, where machining of medium and large-size details is necessary.

An advantage of the ZVH series is the continuous swivel head, which significantly increases the capabilities of the classic 3 axial machine enabling machining of details in many configurations, including machining in 5 axes using the built-in rotary table. This table can rotate at speeds up to 500 rpm. what also characterizes the ZVH MULTIPROCESS series, which combines two metalworking processes: milling and turning.

The next THC Extreme and THC MULTIPROCESS series are palletised machines adapted to a wide range of machining due to the extensive variants of head and table configuration. The dimensions of the working tables are ø1000mm, ø1250mm and ø1600mm with a maximum turning diameter of 2200mm. Vertical and horizontal machining as well as oblique angles allow for maximum use of the working space. In the THC MULTIPROCESS series, the rotary table can work as a vertical lathe or as a milling table in 5 axes.

The JUARISTI company was founded in 1941 and has been specializing in the production of horizontal metal boring machines from the very beginning. The Juaristi range includes table and plate boring machines, sliding and rotary tables as well as diversified equipment for manufactured machines. What distinguishes JUARISTI is the versatility and a very wide range of machine tools, perfectly suited to unpredictable and individual production.

The Spanish company LAGUN produces machine tools with torsion spindles, enabling multilateral processing of large-size details. They are intended for high-performance and precision machining of complex and complex large-size parts made of sheet metal and castings such as bodies, casings, frames, shafts, turbines, booms, etc.

VISION WIDE TECH CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of gate milling centers — it produces only this type of machine tools. VISION WIDE’s many years of experience in the production of this type of machine tools, modern construction solutions and the use of components from renowned manufacturers such as SCHNEEBERGER (Germany), INA (Germany), FAG (Germany), HAMADA (Japan), HEIDENHAIN (Germany), etc., enables production precision machine tools with a rigid structure. VISION WIDE is a multiple winner of prizes, for above-average development and the introduction of modern technical solutions to the market.

In order to allow optimal adaptation of the machine to the type of machining (heavy machining, high-precision machining, 5-sided machining of large-size parts, 5-axis machining, etc.), VISION WIDE offers different types of gate milling centers

OPS-Ingesol, based in Burbach Germany, is a leading international technology partner for tool and injection mold manufacturers. It is a leader in unique innovations as well as effective and comprehensive solutions, including automation systems. The company’s strengths are optimal, highest product quality, exceptional process competence and a highly motivated team of experts.

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