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Our team is our close-knit family. The team has been formed over the years and have a great experience to ensure the productive work of our customers’ equipment. Employees are regularly trained and recertified within Estonia and around the world. We work closely with our European and American partners to provide better service to our customers.

Juri Bahharev

Sales Manager

Machines & Tools sales

+372 55 92 33 35

Agris Volkops

Managing director

+371 264 23 211

Lidia Blant


Spare parts ordering

+372 56677405

Tools sales

+372 56677405

Технический отдел

Alar Heinrand

Certified Haas Service Engineer

EDM, Haas, Midaco Specialist

+372 53446833

Roman Smirnov

Certified Haas Service Engineer

Haas, Spinner Expert

+372 58202364

Ingo Arro

Certified Haas Service Engineer

Haas Mill/lathe programmer

+372 53 448 412

Abplanalp Estee OÜ

Mõigu tehnopark

Sära tn 8, Rae vald 75312 Harjumaa


Tel: tel: +372 510 3725
Fax +372 6688 679 10995225 EE100869277

Service and Repairs 24/7

+372 56930053

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