Mitsubishi Electric EDMs make works easier for both first timer and long time users when handling complicated shapes.

Mitsubishi Electric Die-sinking EDMs, Wire-cut EDMs and Fine-hole EDMs enhance productivity with high-speed and high-accuracy.
Besides mold making, it is also recognized as a great tool in manufacturing high reliable parts used in aircraft and IT industries.

The conception of AccuteX originated from a group of engineers who shared the same forward thinking ideas.

The products marketed with the Accutex logo are symbols of high accuracy and advanced technologies.

With over 26 years’ dedication to innovation as well as research and development, the Accutex team has been developing and mastering the cutting edge techniques in the WIRE CUT EDM field, thus establishing the company’s core competition power in the stage of intermational business.

“TECHNOLOGY”, “EXCELLENCE”, “INTEGRITY”, and “PARTICIPATION” has been the beliefs of Accutex. We provide high-quality products and service to customers based on high-tech.
Meanwhile, we build the sense responsibility and attitude in our staff, and having friendly relationship with our customers and suppliers. We trust each other sharing our knowledge and experiences to pursue mutual growth.

OPS-Ingesol, based in Burbach Germany, is a leading international technology partner for tool and injection mold manufacturers. It is a leader in unique innovations as well as effective and comprehensive solutions, including automation systems. The company’s strengths are optimal, highest product quality, exceptional process competence and a highly motivated team of experts.

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